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Figs, goats cheese and honey 

Recipe by Peter Moody of My HOT Kitchen

This recipe is all about the ingredients! You need to have deliciously soft, sweet, ripe figs, the best honey (we know where that comes from!) and a really decent cheese. The cheese and honey choice is up to you. I like to have a fairly soft goats cheese, one that you spoon on. You could use some of Honeys of Henley's famous 'Truffle Honey' here. I've also been known to add some prosciutto to this. 


Serves 4 as a starter


2 tbsp good-quality honey
3 tbsp olive oil
600g ripe figs
300g goats cheese
80g rocket, preferably organic.
Small handful of basil leaves
Salt and black pepper


Whisk up your olive oil and honey. 

Arrange the rest of your ingredients on your plates (You can make this as one large dish for people to help themselves to). 

Drizzle with your honey, olive oil mixture

Season with your salt and pepper. 

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